Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chapterhouse Studios: Farseer Jetbike Counsel coming soon!

Love it or hate it, Chapterhouse Studios is on top of their game when it comes to their product. Adding to their line yet another item GW has neglected to make models for - Chapterhouse plans to release a Farseer on Jetbike and not only that, it seems there are variants to the upcoming kit as well as seen in these top three photos taken from their home page.
I can say that I am an avid fan of converting, but not everyone is and some folks just lack the time or skills and this seems to be where the folks at Chapterhouse offer a valuable service.

While I was checking out the upcoming Farseer kit, I also noticed some products were released that slipped past my radar! Check out these helmets! These look like they would be great for Death Guard or even for Iron Warriors. They really have a cool look to them and in fact, seem like the might compliment the bits available in the Forge World Death Guard conversion kit pretty well.

Alright, now I also came across these Tyranid bits on their Web site and while I really love the Salamander stuff I ordered from them many moons ago and though I am a fan of those pre-heresy helmets ... I am not so sure about those bone swords and lash whips. They seem a tad too big to me ... maybe the warrior ones would look good on a Tyrant, but the way they look in the photos is a little off scale, but that is just my taste. If you would like to see more from chapterhouse studios, just google them or follow the link in the far right-hand column of this blog.
I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts on how these kits look!


  1. I agree that the tyranid ones look a little too big, but those helmets are cool.

  2. Some good looking stuff here, I agree with you on using the supposed Warrior ones on a Hive Tyrant, they look ridiculous on the Warrior but perfect size for a Tyrant.

  3. Try this place for resin nid bits
    Also have decent looking Blood Talons

  4. Ill be the first to say the Tyrant swords are a bit big, the warrior ones look good on him though.

    I need to change the photo of the warrior arms on the warrior, they look wayyyy better on the top mounts instead of the bottom.

    Why is it there is always a legally uneducated monkey shouting illegal?