Friday, April 9, 2010

Adpeticon Leftovers! Photo Gallery

Old School here with some Adepticon photo left-overs. Everyone knows how good left-overs are! here are some of my favorite photos that I did not publish already. The two daemon princes above and below came from a team of guys who turned the heads of every person who walked by with their modeling skills. The Slaanesh Prince is a mix of Tyranid, soulgrinder and balrog bits with a good amount of plasti-card and GS. The Khorne Prince below is actually mostly sculpted! They are impressive enough, but these models were really incredible in person!

The Eldar titan below was very cool, but after buying some resin cast eldar titan heads, I have decided they will look beter beneath the feet of my HQs!

A rather suggestive peice of Armorcast terrain ... made a few attendants blush.

Blue Table Painting had a great booth at the event and the next few photos are a representation of the work they had on display that I liked. Below are some Slaaneshi tanks.

The Blue Scribes of Tzeentch. Yes, I know the photo sucks, but its the only one I took.

very nice harpy!
yet another tervigon ...

This is a Ku'Graath (probably a horrible misspelling) made from a Todd McFarlaine Dragon and some green stuff! This is also the handi-work of BTP

... and the bottom photo is a CSM army brought by our friends at Fortress Games. They were easily the loudest Slaaneshi army present!

As always folks, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Very, very cool!
    Thanks for posting these - It is inspiring to see such armies and (to be honest) exquisite pieces of art.