Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hydra's Tervigon Photo Tutorial Link

Old School here, since I posted the Tervigon WIP photos a couple days ago, I have gotten a few requests for tutorials via e-mail. The design is not mine, but rather inspired by the work of last week's artist of the week: Hydra from Warpshadow.
Rather than re-post the entire photo tutorial, I want to give you all a link to it. Now, there are no words, but the tut is made in such a way that the parts and the step by step process of building the model are easy enough to figure out. Anyway, check it out here: and while your at it folow th tab links to the rest of his stuff - I peed a little the first time I saw some of his amazing work!


  1. Hello. Is it still possible to get that tutorial? Because the link you've provided seems to be down.
    Thanks in advance.