Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hive Fleet Kraken Grows: Mawloc/ Trygon update

Old School here, with the commission project of the Tower of Skulls out of the way(don't worry the tut will continue), I can focus my my budding Hive Fleet Kraken.

I really love the Trygon kit, so the first model I wanted to paint was my Trygon/Mawloc. This model was really fun to put together and is truelly the biggest monstrous creature I have ever had the joy of creating. Now, some of you purists are wonding why I used parts from both the Trygon AND the Mawloc variants ... well, while I apreciate GWs aempt to standardise the way each breed looks, I simply wanted to build something that could be a mawloc or a trygon and make it look as cool as possible with the bits available.

The thing about the photos that I find irritating is that the camera flash washes out the fade of colors that I used to highlight the shell, which actually looks realy nice in person. It also takes areas which look more faded in in person and makes the brush stokes glaringly obvious! I started with scab red on all the red parts (about two coats of it will get you good coverage). I then used a special paint-wash to highlight the shell. I made it from a recipe I taught myself working on Khorne Berzerkers - Gore Red, Baal Red and Blood Red (mixed in specific proportions). Anyway, I used layering to get the fade in, almost like wet blending, but letting it dry between coats.

There is still some work to do, like yellowing up the details in the teeth, adding some blackened areas and lines to the grey talons ... and yes, the base need to be painted! I really have taken my time so far with the MC in order to teach myself how I want the big nasties of my hive fleet to look. Next up is the Trygon Prime you see washed below, the first of my Tyrants, two tervigons (I am building them next week) and then a clutch of warriors and zoeys.

The wash I use is 50/50 Ogryn Flesh/Gryphonne Sepia. If I get nasty spots on the model, I clean it up with bleach bone and then blend the spot back in with a light coat of the custom wash. I really like the way it comes out when the model is finished. This Trygon Prime is still wet! As always, feel free to voice your feedback!

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  1. Bring it to the shop today, I want to see it without the flash wash out. I'm always amazed with the use of white primer, it seems like its so much harder to get your colors right. I guess that's why all my armies are dark colors though... If I had to paint a bunch of bleach bone I'd go with white too. One day I'll paint a not dark colored army.

    Looking good, I like it a lot. Maybe some day you can bring an army down and actually play! Wouldn't that be exciting?!