Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tower of Skulls Commission: Parts from Armor Cast

On the quest to find a good source of skulls for the tower and to get that feel that the skulls wer flowing all over the place, I came back to good old Armor Cast. Their skull roads should give me enough surface area for the top of the tower and for the bottom underneath the cannon. They also seem to like they are thin enough to cut easily to adapt to my needs - so let's hop they work.
The second thing I ordered as I was wandering around the site. Honesty this missile launcher is one of the few models I saw that I really liked the sculpt on and felt could fit into 40k (I say one of the few models, because they DO have some awesome terrain). I may even use the missile launcher on the tower of skulls.
Here is the beef I have with Armor Cast. The combined total for two missile launchers and a skull road was $31, but then they charged $9 for shipping, meaning that a quarter of what I paid total was shipping. If this was not an order for a commission, I would have gladly clicked the big red X in the right hand corner of my screen and told the forget about it. Expect a thourough product review when this stuff gets here. As always feedback is welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Seems like a good idea for a plethora of skulls--and certainly easier than sculpting them all by hand.

    Looking forward to your review of them--I might wind up purchasing some and copying your idea. :)