Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple and Effective Power Weapons by Wraithlord!

The Above image is the finished product of Wraithlord's Simple and Effective Power Weapon Tutorial over at Heresy Online, but enough of me, let's go straight to the source:
This is an incredibly easy and quick way to do a power weapon all things considered and doing the tutorial only took 30 mins including picture taking. All in all, once you get the mix of paints down you can knock out a weapon blade like this in 10 minutes. Here goes.Start off by painting the blade Chaos Black, ensuring that the black is even and covers the entire blade.

First step is to use pure Red Gore for the first layer. Paint on the Red Gore in a lightning shaped pattern that looks pleasing to you. It is not at all a must to be painted a certain way.

Do the same thing again within the Red Gore with pure Blood Red. From this point on keep in mind that you do not want to follow the pattern of the Red Gore to the tee. Instead, with this coat and all following coats, do a lightning pattern within the first layer making sure to leave edges of the first showing through.

Next step is to use a 50/50 blood red/fiery orange mix and repeat the same step from above.


Thank you for the tutorial Wraithlord and I hope those of you out there with the plain, silver power weapons will be inspired to try this simple technique the next time you are painting one!

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  1. Nice work - the reds and oranges contrast nicely with the black of the power sword.