Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Second Day of Khornemas: Two Pistols Packing!

Hey all, It is the second day of Khornemas and I bring to thee another Khorne Berzerker! I hemmed and hawed, wondering whether or not I should do it ... then I did ... I made the obligatory two-pistoled zerk! I just had to do it!
Anyway, the construction on this one was pretty simple. The pin that connects his torso to his waste, runs straight through and connects his head as well. You can see the pin holding the running leg on is showing on his thigh; not to worry, though, it has been shaved down to match the surface of the thigh completely.
This zerk's GW parts are also going to be treated to some slight damaging to weather them to match the FW bitz. Anyway, let me know what you think - Old School, out.

On the Second Day of Khornemas the Blood God gave to me ... 2 pistols packing and a berzerker somewhat leaping.

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