Thursday, December 31, 2009

D.I.Y. Chaos Terminator Lord Lightening Claws by Svartmetall

Old School here with the last Tutorial of 2009 and just like the last Tactica, it's pretty bad ass! This one comes from Heresy Online's Svartmetall. For those of you who don't know the name already, I encourage you to google his work; it is amazing. Anyway, he came up with this little gem and as I was searching for ways to give my Forge World Khorne Terminators their lightening claws, fate (with the help of Svartmetall) found me: Here is Svartmetall's tutorial:

Sick of buying Terminator Lord boxes just for the lightning claws because they're always out of stock on bitz sites? Doktor von Svartmetall has the cure!For this, you will need 3 Spawn spiny bits, and any power fist of your choice. The pint of Carlsberg is optional :D

First, trim the fingers off the power fist so you have a smooth surface where they once were:

Next, trim the bases of the spines:

And - in an unexpected plot twist - glue the spines to the fist:

I've put the spines in an even, level position for the purposes of this tutorial, but obviously you could have them in all sorts of angles depending on how you trimmed the base of the spines. Also, I'd recommend using a tiny bit of green stuff to smooth the joins between the spines and the body of the power fist.Voila! A perfectly decent lightning claw for your Chaos Terminators; here it is in situ on my testbed Plague Terminator:

And for the second claw, just remove one from the regular left arm and carefully cut off its fist and powercables, then remove the right arm's storm bolter (just cut the arm right behind the storm bolter) and carefully place the new lightening claw and the cable into place.

Thanks again to Svartmetall. I think the only thing I would do differently is to pin the claws into place for added stability, but I am a pinning nut! I will try it and post my photos, if you decide to try it, mail me a pic so I can post your work. My e-mail is


  1. It is a shame that I saw this after I just built some nurgle terminators...

    Eh oh well, life happens.

  2. You should add on a really disgusting cape just to make it look more like a lord, yet still have the whole plague ridden effect. Excellent job however!