Thursday, December 24, 2009

8th Day of Khornemas! 8-Legged Death!

Old School here wishing you all a very happy and healthy Christmas! I have been sick all day, so my plan to post my eighth berserker conversion as my 8th Day of Khornemas fell apart, but, then a Khornemas miracle happened! In the middle of a terrible bout of nausea, the Blood God sent me a vision! I (sort of) ran to my garage and opened my working cabinet and there it was - the project I had started while waiting for the zerks to come. Yes, my Brass Scorpion! Converted out of a little more than two defilers, he was a beast to put together. I also almost chopped my thumb off while making him, soaking the model in blood - truly Khorne demanded tribute in return for such a powerful model! On to the song!
On the 8th Day of Khornemas, the Blood God gave to me ... 8-Legged Death, a 7 foot chainsword, 6 bloody symbols, a flying f*@^ing madman, 4 possessed limbs, 3 severed skulls, 2 pistols packing, and a berserker slightly leaping
A Bloody Khornemas to all, and to all a blood-soaked night!

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