Sunday, December 20, 2009

4th day of Khornemas! 4 Possessed limbs!

Old School here, with this zerk, I decided to go with some berzerker bits and in the process he ended up with two possessed legs and on his left side, two arms full of spikes. I went with the spiky body and head from the forge world bitz to support it and I will add a holster just for the WYSIWYG folks out there, but for now he is just a part of a messed up carol:

On the fourth day of Khornemas my blood god gave to me, 4 possessed limbs, 3 severed skulls, two pistols packing and a berserker somewhat leaping.


  1. Awesome, all you berserkers so far have had so much character, make mine look boring!

  2. No way, man, I love your zerks! Seeing the ones on your blog was what made me start looking at the Forge World kit to begin with!