Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stuck between Death Guard and Scythes Reborn

Old School here again,
I just wanted to share what I have been working on this week with you all. I got the itch to put together a loyalist Space Marine Army, though Daemons was at the top of my list, economics played a key role in the choice (I already had about 60 Assault on Black Reach Marines (30 are now painted), a gang of their termies and dreads and a ton of Space Marine vehicles and gear laying around. That and I know I can paint SM quickly and I am familiar enough with the book to make some nasty builds.
One of my goals when making this army was to have the flexibility that I lack with the CSM right now. Basically, if I want to run a vulcan list or a khan list or any other damn list I please, then I don't want to be hindered by anything ... at the same time I didn't want to look too generic.
I picked the paint theme of the Pre-Heresy Death Guard, but as you can see the AOBR Marines all have the Aquila on their chests. This could be bad for fluff-purists and then there is the fact that fluff-wise the DG liked to foot-slog, which is very bad for surviving 5th ed. One reason I did pick the theme was to be able to make my force look cohesive if I ever fielded it beside my CSM on an Apoc battlefield (which I can't really say would ever happen).
Now I could continue to be DG and model my special characters and sergeants to be pre-heresy looking Marines and counts as versions of their characters (such as the counts as Telion above that is still very much WIP in construction) ... I also have a squad of GK terminators that I am converting to be Death Shroud terminators (scythes count as thunder hammers, massive conversion), but if I wanted to do an off-shot chapter made from the gene-stock of the Emporer's Scythes who wear bone-colored armour to mark the loss of their brothers, then that works rather well too and lets me off the hook on the fluff.
It really comes down to a matter of how comfortable I am with looking past the pre-heresy fluff of a well established legion or how comfortable I am embracing creating a chapter based on a cult-classic chapter with a reborn twist. Let me know what you think as you are all a part of DFG and I value your insight as a collective!

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