Monday, October 5, 2009

New gear from Chapterhouse Studios!

The good folks at Chapterhouse Studios have put out a few new items that can be viewed or bought at .
The new items that are currently available are the Eagle Thunder Hammer (first photo) which for a dollar fifty could be pretty awesome for converting a special character. There are also some Celestial Lion shoulder pads available (check out the site for those) and a number of items up for future release.
Of those items the Howling Griffons shoulder pads (bottom photo) and the New Salamanders thunder hammer looked really good to me. I like the howling griffons pads because they are one of the Badab Chapters that really have an awesome theme and I would like to see more of. The Salamanders gear looks great because I am in the process of producing a Salamanders army myself ... and it is a lot smoother looking than their old version. Check it out!

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