Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Great Unclean One Update, Nearly finished!

Old School here,
Got around to painting a little more of my Ultraforge Greater Plague Daemon, which at the moment will be a Greater Daemon for my CSM ... but I have been thinking about maybe making a Daemon army and in my typical over the top way of doing things, possibly making counts as versions of stuff for the Daemons of the other gods and making my own crazy looking Nurgle-centric looking army in the process, like Plague Bearers riding giant maggots (Bloodcrushers), Huge bugs (fiends), Horrors (Ghouls with makeshift shooting arms), but that is perhaps for another post.
Anyway, I hit the gouges in the flesh with a rotting flesh/liche purple mix and made sure to carefully trace the edges of the riges in the meat. I am on the first coat of wash on the hooves and horns and I am saving the sword and the base-work for last as I tend to pick the mosel up by the base of the sword a lot. The armour is a couple coats of watered down Tin Bitz washed with delvan mud. Feel free to comment.

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