Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings update! Winged and based!

With all the Loyalist Marines that have invaded my recent posts (by the way, I have a combat squad of Salamanders converted already) I figured I would get back to the Daemon Prince with the Balrog Wings that I used the power drill on a couple weeks ago.
So, I based him using green stuff in order to make a disheveled battlefield scene. Once the ballast goes down and the whole thing gets painted, it will all come togather, but for now it is a collection of dismembered corpses, nurglings, skulls and debris (who can forget the random one legged zombie!).
All I did for now was mount the wings using green stuff. Tomarrow, I will add detail to the area where the wings connect using a little more green stuff and I will add the ballast. For the effect on the wings, all I did was carve the holes out at varying diagonal angles to add a depth to the tears in the wings and also ruffed up the edges. I purposely left the top areas of the wings alone as I wanted them to look frayed, but not useless.
Let me know what you all think of it so far!


  1. holy moly. (or should i say moldy?) very nice

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  3. Nice wings, I like how big they are, I hope you can still transport it without them coming off.

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