Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy in the workshop, Salamanders progress, Daemon Prince WIP!

Just as the painting bug bit me a few weeks ago, the building fix needed to be ... well fixed this week. Here are some pics of what I have been working on.
First there is a shot of a few of My Salamanders up close. I used the GamesDay Sgt from 05 and crafted him a combi-melta. I have placed a Dragon hide cape from the Dark Elf Corsairs bitz in conjuction with each powerpack and of course the squad includes a flamer and multi-melta.
Aside from that, I rehabbed an old Landspeeder (Thanks for the idea Drunken Samuria) that was a beater from an old bitz box I bought on Ebay (cash for clunkers). I added the heavy flamer and multi-melta from my bitz box. It still needs some work but has come a long way from the bottom of my 'soon to be scenery box'.
Other than that, I spruced up a couple Assault on Black Reach Dreads to stand in as my DP dreads until something much better (FW) comes along).
And almost forgot. I have been using a tired old Fantasy Prince as my Lash Prince for some time and since I went Iron Warriors for all my non-marked Chosen and Oblitz, I have also decided to make an Iron Warriors Daemon Prince. I used the standard 40k daemon prince body (also from the bitz box) and gave it a defiler mask and some wires from the Ork Deff Dread box. Then I added some green stuff around the neck to make it look all veiny and roided-up. Next I added the Penitent Engine arm (Awesome bit by the way) and green stuffed it on and did my best 4th grade sculpting to make musclature and tissue mixed into the buzz saw mechanical arm.
More to come, along with a painted Nurgle Daemon Prince (I promise). Let me know what you think!

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