Thursday, August 13, 2009

Severed Heads and Corpses! Plague Champion Complete!

This has been one of my favorite models to both convert and to paint. Since I got the Vindicator back from Goatboy, I have been seeking to paint something with the 'Dirty' style and I think I found my own version of the dirty style and I hope you all like it. In any case, It's pretty badass and there are a ton of details in there so click on the images to zoom in and have a peek at the devered heads and skulls and all the other gory goodness!
Relax, I am still working on my Nurgle Daemon Prince, I just took a break due to my itch to paint this model! As always, Comment Away!!


  1. Now that is one mighty fine conversion and paintjob you have there!

  2. Thank you. I am always a little nervous when I put something out there, so to receive compliments like your is awesome.

  3. hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
    Thank you! i love it.
    More templates easy to download