Saturday, August 22, 2009

Iron Warriors Chosen Squad painting stage one!

Alright, I got the first stage of the Chosen squads paintjob finished and I figured I should write about it in case there are any future Warsmiths out there. After the models were primed black, I drybrushed grey heavily over the entire model. The first coat was a little transparent, so I hit the high areas and the large grey area with another coat of codex grey.
Next, I ran tin bitz over all the areas that will eventually be gold. Tin bitz is pretty thick and should only take one coat. Once that is finished, take a look and make sure you got everything you meant to paint gold later.
With that complete, generously wash the models in Badab Black and let them dry (prefferably overnight, but if you must, then 2 hours should do.)
This will give you a dark and gritty base to jump from for stage two, which will involve brightening the gold areas and adding metallics to the grey areas. This is the same method I used for my oblitz. Also, don't worry about the pouches and holsters. Those can all be attended to in the detail stage of the paint job. Feel free to comment, these guys are on their way to a big game tonight; Iron Warriors/Death Guard paired with Black Templars vs. Eldrad and his space Elves and the Crimson Fists! Wish me luck.

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  1. Look nice, I used Gunmetal grey, boltgun, light brass, flesh wash and brass balls for my metalics. here is my link for my IW