Friday, July 3, 2009

Dark Future is back with goodies. Pics of my Nurgle Vindicator painted by Goatboy!

Greetings Heretics, Xenos and Imperial lapdogs! I have arrived safely in Michigan and must say that I am impressed with the gaming scene here. I have a Awesome Hobby shop a block from my house called Evolution Games (more on them in a future post). While I am busy moving into my house and have limited posting time (for the moment), I figured I would show off a little something Goatboy from BOLS has been working on for me. This vindi is something I put together over the course of a month and is covered in bitz from various models (and editions) and also has about 14 hours of GS sculpting on it. Goatboy sent me this photo as an update and I figured I would share it with youall! Not only did he finish this model very quickly, but he also kept me updated every step of the way. He also takes great studio photos of your model like this one and to top it off, you get this quality of work for an incredibly reasonable price (he seems to like vehicles). Check out his work and the work of the other artists at the next time you are looking for some commission work!

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