Thursday, June 4, 2009

A call to Michigan Gamers! I am moving to Lansing!

As a member of the United States Marie Corps, I get moved around every few years and now it is time for me to move again ... to Lansing, MI. As I started on the usual moving proceedures, I happened to search for local gaming stores in the area and discovered that not only where there a ton of stores in Lansing, but in Michigan as a whole.
With so many folks playing Warhammer 40k or any of the other GW games, I figure I may be in for a good time, but I am wondering if any of you out there are from the Lansing area or from Michigan. Maybe you can offer a little help in finding a good store or maybe you could just represent the store you frequent most in my comments box here. It would be a great help and maybe we can throw down sometime!


  1. While I have never been there I believe Fortress Games in East Lansing is supposed to be a good store. I played in an event in Ann Arbor where about 5-6 players came down from Lansing to have a go. Seem like good people.

    Down in Ann Arbor where I live we have a nice store in Labyrinth Comics and Games with about monthly 40K events with 10-12 players. I personally play 40K and Blood Bowl while having stuff to play Epic and Dark Future(have not played either in over 15 years)

  2. If you interested in connecting with the local crew, check out 40Kfightclub and join their forums. Up at Fortress in Lansing you'll find a nice crew of guys. I just moved out of Michigan and I wish I could have that community near me.