Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are you a 40k addict? I am!

Are you a 40k addict. I was not convinced that I was until I packed all of my stuff for the big move to Michigan. Now after seeing the chest high pile (also about 3 feet across) of armies, bits and terrain that I own all packed up. It took me 8 and a half hours to find everything and get it all together. This is not counting the 4'X4' table I have or the 6'X4' flocked desert table that I own either.
This is insanity now that I think about it, but what is sad is that I intent to collect 2 more Land Raiders for my now 1750 Deathwing, I need 7 drop pods for my Salamanders and that doesn't count the constant additions to my 2250 of Deathguard, 1500 of Emperor's Children, the 1000 points of Thousand Sons, the 2500 of Black Legion support or the 2 Brass Scorpions I have ... I am a Chaos Fiend ansd now that I see it all togather, a 40k addict, but I cannot wait to get to Michigan where I will live within 20 minutes of 3 big games stores and I can get into a healthy (or not, depends on how you see it) gaming scene.
Anyway, this makes me ponder how many other 40k addict there are out there. What about you? Do you have a need to own every army you see? Do you crave to paint every badass model you can afford (or not afford). Do you have hundreds of pounds of plastic and pewter laying around? Let's see how depraved you are! Leave me some comments about your fiendish lust for 40k ... Let's consider this the first step in our 12 step program!


  1. Hi my name is Jim and I am a miniatures addict!

    I have been Wargaming since the early 80's; I have a wall in my garage dedicated to storing my miniatures and terrain. It covers a space 12 feet in length, 8 1/2 feet high, and about 3 feet deep.

    With armies ranging from Ancient Egypt to 40K. I have a longstanding case of gamers ADD. :)

  2. I'm an addict.

    I've quit a few times, but I keep coming back, I have three armies on the go and i cant stop thinking about Mordheim and necromunda and how much fun I used to have with them.

    I need help.

  3. Hello, I'm Dave and I'm a model addict.

    I only caught the infection 5yrs ago, but have the start of what could be a terrible problem. I have hanging around:
    Black Templars - 3000pts (unpainted)
    Space Marines - 1250pts (painted, badly)
    Dark Elves - 1500pts (mostly unpainted)
    the start of a Blood Dragon undead army - (mostly unassembled)
    Witch Hunters - 900pts (unpainted)
    Daemonhunters - 500pts (unpainted)
    Too many Mordheim warbands (one is painted!)
    Pre-Heresy Iron Hands - 900pts (one squad kind of painted)
    and finally about 500pts of Imperial Guard that are actually mostly painted - due to inhuman discipline...

    I have a particularly virulent strand of buy-build-forget-to-paint-itus...

    If I added in the terrain I bought (Imperial Sector and other stuff), it would probably equate to the pile you have there in the photo...

    But I'm recovering (I think)...

  4. I am a model addict. I thought I had it kicked but then Christmas rolled around and I needed something for my list.

    I have 8K assembled marine(600 points painted) plus probably 1.5K unassembled.

    I have 1K assembled nids plus 2K unassembled.

    I have 27 playable blood bowl teams non painted completely.

  5. We just bought a house and are in the process of moving. That meant I had to pull all my hobby stuff out of the closets and drawers and shelves and give my wife a chance to see all the stuff I've got. After I filled up the living room with miniatures she turned to me and said, "Where was I when you got all these figures?" The good news is that I had been planning on buying some Scouts for my Marines, but I found three boxes of them in the back of the closet and don't have to buy any more (for now).