Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: Chapterhouse Studios, Salamander kits

Check this Chaplain OUT! And of course Check out the other gear in these photos. I recently purchased the kit to build this chaplain from I first found them on Ebay as I was looking into building a Salamanders army to play with, but then I found their products and a link to their Web site.
I found these photos here on the site and immediately started adding things to my cart. I got my stuff about a week later and the bits are beautiful!
The Storm Shields come without a hand attached and shouldn't be a problem to add to an assault termie or Librarian, though it will take some effort to fix the pewter Thunderhammer into the hands of a termie (this will require some skill and a pin vice ... err, maybe some extra parts too.)
I also got a rhino upgrade set for the Sallies. It includes the doors, top hatch, and some filler for the gaps in the front (all scales and drogons and flames mostly). This kit was in great shape and is made from resin ... so the standard cleaning and prep apply here.
The shoulder pads I received were all awesome, both the terminator ones as well as the standard Tactical ones with the embossed dragon head. The backpacks were also pewter and have a small Salamander logo on them.
My one complaint is that the Powerfists were a little big for my taste, but they may find a home with my Chaos Marines.
All in all, I would buy from them again anytime! They also carry Iron Snakes shoulder pads, assault packs, Inquisition gear and much more. Check them out! You will not be dissapointed!
In the future, look for my WIP project log on the Salamanders, I plan to build the chaplain soon, though first I need to move to Michigan (work), so it may be a little while. In the meantime, I plan to introduce you to my Chaos Space Marines!


  1. Nick from here.

    I cut the hammer heads and shaft off the terminator hands, then used a nice and small pin-vice drill on the pewter hammer shafts, pretty deep and did the same on the hands of the plastic terminators. Worked real well and they are solid as can be with some steel thin pins and glue. Trick is to drill deep on both parts and have a solid hold with Superglue. Accuracy is very important so you dont drill out the sides of the shafts.

    I have yet to tackle the shields and terminator hands yet, but they do work real well with tactical marine hands with the handhold.

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Nick -

  2. Hey, thanks for writing in, Nick. I will take that advice as I move into the conversion stage of the project ... and of course there will be plenty of WIP photos both here and on Heresy Online.

  3. The shield is actually made to fit on a terminator shield arm. (I should know, I sculpted the master)

    Simply take a terminator shield arm and cut of the shield leaving just the hand and cables.
    Then file of the backside of the hand so all of the original (not cut of) shield is gone.

    This hand and cables fit perfectly into the chapterhouse resin shield handhold. Just glue it there and you have a special shield with termie hand inside that fits perfectly onto the terminator shield-arm:)

  4. Thanks again for the great advice. You guys really have some of the greatest conversions sets out there and the molding is solid.
    When can we expect the Drop pod upgrade to be done? I would love to order one ... er, two.

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to this guys - their bits look interesting.

  6. Glad you like the bitz:)
    The pod armour is already sculpted and is waiting to be moulded.