Monday, November 13, 2017

CVinton's Sculpted Salamander's Land Raider is Back and Painted! A DFG Legend!

TJ here to show off a classic DFG model that made it back home earlier this year: CVinton's master crafted Salamanders Land Raider! Let's take a look at this beautiful model!

This Land Raider is covered in sculpted details that show off the life and trails of Vulkan. CVinton sculpted and converted this land raider years ago in a video post series and the work stand on its own today!

 The details are amplified by the excellent paintjob given by our friend's at Team Snake Eyes! Years ago, we gave the good Chaplain at TSE the Land Raider and recently, we discovered the Land Raider would be sold, so CVinton bought it back for a very friendly price (thank you again TSE). Now it is back with the Father of Dragons again!

Just look at these scales and hammers and anvils and icons! All sculpted! If you didn't click the link above already, check it out after this article. The series in seriously impressive.

In any case, have a great week! Hopefully, this challenges you all to make a serious chapter relic like this!

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