Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tanks for the Memories: Our Favorite Tank Projects!

TJ here to give you something a little extra to help you digest after the days festivities; a little show of some of the tank projects Chris Vinton and I have made and really enjoyed over the years here at DFG.

Salamanders Land Raider built by Chris Vinton and painted by Chaplain Aeron at Team Snake Eyes. Chris detailed the epic sculpting of this amazing tank in a video series here in the Land Raider Sculpt Series. It's worth a view if you have any interest in sculpting green stuff as you can gain a lot of insight from watching Chris work; just scroll down to find the video posts!

Don't forget about Chris' predator, which can be found in detail here. This tank started a friendly painting war between Chris and I that resulted in a series of reader-interactive posts, called the DFG Painting Challenge!

Then there are these amazing Contemptors from Chris Vinton's Space Wolves, which are two of the best models I have played against on a table! Check out more details on these here. I can't wait for Chris to start throwing down with his wolves again!

While I am not as prolific in the tank department as Chris, I do have my fair share of tanks myself, like this Vindicator, the Canker! This tank was my first conversion project performed on a vehicle! It has seen a couple different paintjobs and even won me all of the latest CSM releases in a painting contest at Spiky Bits!

Then there is the infamous Tower of Skulls commission I made back in 2010, which was a great way to cut my teeth on large scale conversion work and problem solving. It also was exchanged for an entire Tyranid army, which between that and my Necrons and my fondness of Daemons has resulted in me having almost no painted tanks!

And another old school project, my Ebay salvage Black Legion Land Raider from 2010 ... or 2009, can't remember. In any case, I still have it and while the paintjob is old school, it taught me to appreciate the cheap Ebay tanks! I can rehab almost anything now!

Speaking of old school, Chris also has a HUGE Imperial Guard army. For more pics, check out this post. This army was the subject of so much of my hatred for so many years! Chris once took three Plasmacutioners against my Deathwing. That's messed up, bro!

And finally, I will leave you with my recent vehicle project, the Hell Grinder. While not a tank, it certainly fits in with these other big vehicles and represents to me, just how far I have come over the years and that is something to be "tank"ful for. Happy Tanksgiving!


  1. Inspiring work.
    That Vindicator is stunning. Great work guys!

  2. Oh the once glorious imperial guard. Its funny that you've posted almost in reverse order the progression of my painting/conversion skills. Best to worse. I like it.