Saturday, December 22, 2012

Imperial Guard Vendetta Conversion (with new updates)

CVinton with a Saturday share.

I bought back my imp guard (I really regretted selling them) I decided I wanted to convert some vendettas instead of using the standard.

I have a plan to reface the guard and real world them up with dirt and grim and wear instead of fresh off the parade deck.

So with that 'realism' I wanted something more than the bulky and outdated look of the vendetta. I dabble in military arms and armor like 98% of all manly men and I thought the best plane to play like the vendetta would be a Warthog. This the inspiration for this conversion.

Here's a little update add-on. I can't say its enough to make its own post but its enough to show to people following the posts they've commented on.


  1. That first one l looks like a Mig 15. Kinda badass man!

  2. Updated. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm less excited about it but I still think its a cool conversion.

  3. One of the best conversions in 2012. I simply love it :)

    Merry Christmas to you all!