Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pink Necron Destroyer Lord! Preferred Enenmy: Pink!

CVinton here, and I finished up a late night destroyer lord.

I played Seerk last night with a wacky list and thought the destro lord deserved some paint. For the first time I dirtied up my pink, just for this guy. I used Tamyia weathering powder kits (if you don't have, go but them right now!) and forge world powders. It felt good to make a dirty pink necron and I think the destro lord can easily be the exception to an otherwise clean army. I mean seriously, if I was forced to be pink I'd hate everything too! Preferred enemy: pink?

Any how, pic dump (I tried to turn on high res with the phone, lets see if I can give the people what they wanted):

I also wanted to highlight Scott from Freshcoast40k and his necron destroyer lord. He mounted a guy on the top of a wraith body. Super cool destro lord conversion!

As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!


  1. I love the minor conversion work and of course the pink! Glad to hear the scarabs and D. Lord are still scary!

    Dude, that wraith D. Lord is awesome too!

  2. Nice work.

    Gotta a full dose of your pink Necrons at the tournament on the 11th...pretty scary rate of fire. Think I got lucky in the end, but it was a great game. Always nice to meet those you talk with online.

    We are also in a very elite club you and I, both being nurses and involved in this hobby.

    You mentioned your blog roll so will shoot you an email.

    Thanks for the game and good dice rolls in your future,