Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hobby atrophy and apathy in 6th edition

Hello all, I know we at DFG have been pumping out some AMAZING content in the hobby world since the 6th edition rulebook and the Chaos codex have come out. OST and CVinton have been providing me with amazing content to look at (both online and in person, you guys will be psyched at Adepticon when you see some of this stuff in person)

However I find myself unable to get up and do any work myself. Hell, as we all know I am not that great at the hobby aspect. I have my moments of brilliance (My awesome mud, no matter how much the guys make fun of it, has been well received in the community) but mostly I am an average at best hobbiest. I know there is room to improve, and I definitely have plenty of stuff to work on (you do not want to know how much unpainted Forgeworld I have sitting around), yet I find myself having issues actually doing anything.

I think I have figured it out however, with all the changes coming in 6th edition, flyers and hull points, how scoring units work, movement in general..... I had not decided what I wanted out of my army. Were flyers -really- needed? Do I still want my Leman Russ line of death? Do I need to be more mobile? Do I want more foot infantry?

So instead of working, I sat and thought, sat and thought. Yet now I think I know I need a bit of everything, I need to expand various units and get them painted, I think my first project is going to be my Vendettas as not only are they as flyers amazing, they are just fun to play with. Hopefully this will get my hobby juices flowing....

What about you whats got you motivated or just sitting back thinking?

Also, if you readers have any other topic you would like me to cover in a post (I recommend Imperial Guard questions but hell I will give any subject a shot as long as it pertains to wargaming) shoot me an email at imasentinel@gmail.com

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....



  1. I like to take a break and do some people watching at the mall. Especially this time of year as the XMAS stress begins to take it's toll on other's sanity. Very entertaining.

  2. It is easy to get myself mired in apathy or ... distracted by something like Skyrim, but honestly, the blog is my peer pressure. It makes me get back to my projects. It makes me maintain a certain level of discipline when it comes to working on my stuff and getting out there in the blogosphere and commenting or finding new content. Really, it is the idea that other people come here daily to check out OUR stuff that keeps me coming back and motivated.

    I can honestly say that without that, I would dilly dally much more with my hobby and likely wouldn't have even one fully painted army and certainly, the Hellworm wouldn't be almost ready to show off right now!

  3. I agree with Old School, I feel like I should give myself a kick up the hobby-behind when I see I've not posted on Weemen for ages, but I know it's cyclic, I have ups and downs of creative genius, at the moment World Of Tanks takes up much of my spare 'hobby' time, but sooner or later I'll get back my painting mojo and start pumping out more Relictors or Necrons... I have a bucket load to do!! I accept this and don't make my hobby a chore.

  4. When you play, only field painted models. We've been doing battle reports that people love and our rule is only painted models.

    1. This is what I have been trying to do lately ... though when I want to test whether or not I will buy a unit, I usually proxy something and it tends to be unpainted.

  5. Yup, the painting blog is what used to keep me going. Now that I paint for a living, what keeps my interest is being able to paint my own stuff and do my own hobby thing on my lunchbreaks. Plus being self-employed means I can scurry off to the local GW for a game or three as often as my work schedule allows.