Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CVinton; Getting Back on that Horse - Nightlords Decimator and 13th Co.

So life as usual is constant chaos.  As I've put my life in complete upheaval I'm distracting myself by rounding up my projects.  Both the Necrons and the Wolves are for the most part painted, at least my normal 1850 lists are.  I do have a ton of extra in the army that I could paint but instead I'm starting to look at my hobby as the golden years; I don't need to paint anything.

So with that here's a quick round up of my projects for some input on what the readers would like to see done.  

First up is my Wolfguard squad.  I want to finish these along with about 20 more space wolves to field my foot army.  6 squads of 10 with double plasma lead by a terminator Wolfguard is just silly.  

Next are my rune priests.  Being 13th company I wanted something a little different.  The Amber wizard is my idea of Weirdmake from prospero burns.  The second one is just a choas touched rune priest.  I can't imagine how horrible it'd be to have your mind open to psychic powers and be in the warp.  I imagine it'd mess you up and wrack your body physically.  Thus the physical changes he's experienced.

I finished out the decimator, but it could be taken up a level.  I really just wanted to get this guy done because its a cool model and I haven't seen many of them out there done.  Night Lords of course....

I wanted this to look like flesh and bone bursting out of the metal in the chaos symbol.  

Same with the face on the knee and shoulder.  

This is the same storm Raven.  I did some work on it today, but it still needs a lot more.  Basically I just did the interior stuff.  I still need to beat it up, and paint on the Tson's symbols.  

So, aside from what I've shown in pictures, I have a few more projects; a vostroyan vendetta, 10 raptors I want to paint night lords, a hell drake (night lords too), a bunch of space wolf stuff, a little work left on the thunderwolves and a dakka jet.  Its hobby ADHD, I know, but I'm cleaning out the closet and I really want to knuckle down on the projects and get them done.  I plan on getting a display case now, and want some totally sweet stuff to put in there.

Plus, I can't let OST have all the hobby glory with his hell worm.  :)


  1. Finish up that Storm Raven first. It would be a good display piece to start with and it might inspire you to get back into your wolves...

  2. I'd like to see the heldrake actually, i don't like the model 100% but i am very curious about how it would look with your work done on it :)