Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Axis Strikes Back: Finished Ludwig

Axis "Ludwig"

After seeing OST post up a walker, the Axis forces have no choice but to answer, sending in Ludwig to get the job done!

CVinton here to post the first DUST walker for my Axis forces. 

When I first started opening models for DUST I was really happy they came mostly prebuilt. However, for the vehicles I know from my 40k experience that painting them is easier if they're not completely built.  Generally, anything mechanical that I plan to leave silver I like to have left off the main body.  In this case, I'd love to have the guns and legs seperate from the feet, body and armor plates.  Thankfully it seems the DUST people had the same idea giving me the best of both worlds. 

The DUST models are made of a more brittle (not drop on the floor and smash brittle, but plastic toy brittle) plastic than 40k stuff. There is hardly any bend to it. This made me nervous at first, but once I got over that, I realized that the glue used to put the models together is also just as brittle.

With careful applied force I was able to break this model up into the piece I wanted for paiting. Basically, I poped the lower leg pistons, feet, gun armor plates, and knee pads off to prime and paint seperately. This makes for a much easier time that to paint the model as a whole. I also snapped it off the base, which allowed me to add the basing material.

DUST is going to let me really use those WWII painting skills I picked up from people like MR. Justin. Typically that style doesn't lend itself to the 40k world. I'm very excited to go back to his site and see what kind of new stuff he's come up with. I know as a hobbist, your techniques are constently evolving and multiplying; I can't imagine what I've missed in almost a year of not checking up on him.

For the legs and feet I broke out the forgeworld weathering powders.  Very good, very simple to use.  Very happy with the end result.
For the base I threw in a guitar string I twisted up to give a style of barbed wire/electric fencing/battle field debris.  I dusted it with the weathering powders to make it less shiney and new. 
Finally, for the legs I repositioned them to give it a 'walking' feel.  The model comes out of the kit in a static 'squat' stance.  I wanted to give the look of it roaming around slaughtering those pathetic Allies.  I cut the small section of the old piston, drilled out a 1/8" hole and put in a longer piece of 1/8" plasticard rod.  That gave the piston a little more range and let the leg extend. 
Keep checking back for more DUST stuff as OST, myself and soon more of our bloggers get into the game.


  1. Lovely work on this. Basing especially is terrific.

  2. I really like the Dust models and what you did to this one really pushes it beyond the pale.