Monday, August 20, 2012

Space Wolf Storm Raven

CVinton here, getting some hobby work done on the Wolves.  With Necrons being the new hate magnets I figure it time to fall back to the wolves.  In this bit I'm looking at making an allied Storm Raven to fit into the force.  

To cut to the chase with this work in progress piece, a pack of helix affected blood claws are jackin' a thousand son's bird.  Best way to fit the ally in the army and stick to the theme of 13th Company.  

What kind of dog doesn't hang out of the window when in the car?  I figured they'd be doing the same thing on the newly acquired ride.  

Gotta get rid of the old crew, right?  I' want to put another one already falling off the back door for a little more cinematic effect.  

I left the top off to paint the inner area too.  I plan on leaving it open like I did with the salamanders landraider.  

Used some of the wolf basing material I got while at GenCon.  I really likem, and thought they'd look nice on the bigger base of the Storm Raven.  

Lastly, here are the Death Company that will be riding along in the Storm Raven.  Team Jacob FTW!


  1. totally sweet! Where did you get the arms and heads?

  2. That's fantastic, I love the look of it. I'm reminded of that bit in Battle of the Fang when the Blood Claws take out the landing craft - great scene, and a great conversion.

  3. Love it I went to paint mine last night but the airbrush finally gave up the ghost, which is wife code for I want a new one and dont feel like tearing apart my old one and looking for the issue.

  4. I think you should consider some muzzle flash cinematics for the dudes I think it would give it that much more motion

    1. That would be pretty cool for the back door scene

  5. Freakin' love this! What a great idea! The back door scene is definately my fav'!