Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gencon Update

CVinton here.  Quick Gencon update.

FW came this year.  

I talked with a there who seemed in charge a bit...I guess.  He said the 6th ed rule book FAQ might not be for another month.  So all those weird unanswered questions I guess we'll have to deal with until then.  They had two books, Fear to Tread and Shadows of Treachery.  I picked up Fear to Tread and have been reading it.  Kind of whinney, but its good to see the blood angels be more than these things of perfection they're usually put out as.  Sangineous is less...honest, than we'd like to say he is.  Shadows of Treachery, the book I was super excited to see there...well to put it in their words, "It missed the boat over."  They literally forgot to pack it.  Nice work.

Of course they have their con models too.  I doubt they'll be no where near as popular as the boarding marine but they have the skin wolf from Adepticon and the new Arbites Enforcer.  Cool model and reminds me of when I played Inquisitor (remember that game?!) and had Barbaretta and her dog.

Next I went over the cool mini or not booth and picked up some scibor stuff.  They have a new basing kit and I just had to get one.  I'm sure they had other new stuff but this was all I found.  Just a quick share here. the wolf kit comes with wolf head ruins and 3 base toppers for adding to a 25mm base.  Pretty cool kit.  11$

He also released another lion shoulder pad kit and have more realistic lions on them.  Cool pads for Recon over at Mi40k.


  1. I was a bit disappointed that the GW booth was a collection of brown boxes, and a few display cases.

    We were running FoW stuff from open to 6pm Saturday though.

  2. Considering they just dropped a new edition their really not doing much of anything. I'm pretty disappointed lately in their whole business model.

    I was totally surprised to see them there. They put out nothing about saying they'll be there and just seemed to have this "I guess we'll come sling some plastic crack to these assholes". I was told that this was a test run to see if they want to be more involved. Meh.

    1. I was really put off by the guys they sent. Well, one in particular snarky Brit fellow. He just didn't seem to want to be there.

    2. We had the same experience at Adepticon. Wolf son bOught an avatar that came broken and they condescendingly told HIM to be more careful. Later the same guy treated me like agit while I spent about $100 there. If its the same dude, he was a rather old brit

    3. Same shit. I'm pretty tired of eating shit sandwich and telling them it tastes good.