Friday, August 3, 2012

Barrage and Squadrons in 6th Edition

So this past couple weeks I am sure we have all gotten in a few games of 6th Edition and read plenty of the rules. I think we can all agree, that so far, so good with 6th.

Lets talk about two of the rules that got changed a bit with the move to 6th.

First let us discuss barrage. It definitely got an upgrade with the ability to allocate wounds from the center of the blast unlike most shooting which goes front to back, this makes it a lot harder to hide that IC in the back, or protect your squads with the not able to be insta-killed guy in the front (i am looking at you warboss on a bike.

However there has also been a very large negative put on barrage, it no longer ignores night fight. Because of how the barrage rules read, and how the night fight rules read, you -must- be within 36" in order to -TARGET- any unit, no matter if your weapon is barrage or not, when night fight is on. This came into effect in a recent game between myself and CVinton, and really changed the dynamic of the game so much that we simply wiped the game off our respective records when we discovered what happened. Will this rule be FAQed? Perhaps, it does seem a bit silly that you cannot fire a weapon indirectly during night fight, but we shall see. The rule is very clear once read, and makes things like the Manticore far less scary.

Secondly let us talk about vehicle squadrons. It was a big sore point for many a player in 5th edition that when taking vehicles in squads, you would lose the vehicle entirely when it would get immobilized. 6th edition has changed that, it now becomes its own unit and is left behind, leaving the rest of the squadron to continue as normal.

It -seems- like an amazing change, but we are forgetting something. With the new edition comes new damage charts for vehicles. You only get immobilized from rolling a 5 on the damage chart or rolling a 1 on terrain tests, not from losing all your weapons, then suffering another result. So the chances of this actually happening are quite thin.

So the new squadron rules are bonus... but a deceptively small one at that when you combine how easy it is to kill most vehicles these days (Minus those wonderful flyers of course).

What do you guys think are some of the neat or not so neat things that you have seen so far in 6th? What has caught you by surprise and made you look a bit foolish (like the barrage rule did to me)?

Once again, if you readers have anything you would like me to cover in a post (I recommend Imperial Guard questions but hell I will give any subject a shot as long as it pertains to 40k) shoot me an email at

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....



  1. Grav Shute insertion... Deep striking in the shooting step? ("when moving flat out" with is vehical running now)

    Also, Yarrik's Force field... is this rerolled before or after LO,S?

  2. The biggest thing I have noticed with the addition of night fight and some smaller rules is it seems to be an attempt to tone down rock, paper, scissors, alpha strike, good game go home type set ups from armies. Firepower across the board has improved and gotten a lot more deadly but in what i feel to be a more dynamic way. Mobility rewarding you with the ability to put fire on targets and possibly kill who you want based on where you are standing is great and leads to more decision making for both players. Barrage being one of the only things that can possibly template snipe is a huge bonus. Full strength templates smacking vehicles also comes to mind. I feel barrage is still extremely powerful(looking at you Manticore) but will work a little differently when the lights are off for decision making.

  3. Rak - I will take a further look at the grav shoot insertion, but why would you bother having your vendetta/valkyrie in hover mode to do this? You might as well do it while they are in flying mode. However I still will take a look at what you ask and post it in my next post. Nice thinking there.

    As for Yarrik i am not sure what you mean? what does LOS have to do with it? His force field has to do with them rerolling to wound him. Please expand

    Wolfson - The thing for me about the manticore, and has always been is that it is ap 4. Yes the multiple barrage thing can be nice, but with the pre-measuring and how people form units now, no one is gonna parking lot vehicles. So the multiple templates kind of fall by the wayside, why not take a far cheaper option in the Basilisk so what if its only STR 9? you still have two dice to get a 5 or 6 to glance or pen on a armor 14 vehicle.

  4. The best thing about the new squadron rules is that vehicles in a squadron don't block the line-of-sight of other vehicles in the squadron.

    This is really great for chains of Land Speeder Typhoons. The lead Speeder getting 25%+ cover behind ruins and getting a 4+ save and soaking up hits for the squadron while the other two use the leader for a screen. 6 x Typhoon Missiles (and 9 Heavy Bolter shots) from a squadron of Templar Speeders for only 210 points is pretty sweet.

    It's too bad Dark Angels can't have Sammael on his funky AV14 Land Speeder join a squadron. :'(

  5. Trent, that is not a new rule, the same rule existed in 5th edition for squadrons.

  6. @trent Remember the Focus Fire rule, though... if part of the squadron is in cover, the attacker can choose to ignore it and shoot at the others.

    Never said anything about hover mode... you can still move "flat out" while zooming, but as I said, grav shuteing in the shooting step feels odd, and I didnt see an erratta that lets them grav shute while doing a regular zoom. (which I agree, there should be)

    As fo Yarrik, I'm asking if, if Yarrik was the closest model to the firer, does he reroll the wound when it is initially allocated, THEN Lo,S?

  7. Ahh look out sir... right... the rule states after wounded. With Yarrik you would not be wounded until the reroll so i would say that he gets his reroll first

    I will have to look further into the grav shoot thing Rak, its a very interesting so you will be seeing another post this next week about it.

  8. 2x Meltagun Rough Riders for 75 points (5 models, 12" move+shoot, can potentially assault after killing a transport)

    Worth it? (probably not compared to a vendettta... but I'm expecting the vendetta to get a heavy nerf)

  9. Nerf how? The only thing coming down the line would be other flyers, which while it can be scary wont be that scary.

  10. One of the rumors floating around was that balance changes might be allowed in WD and PDF format- meanint they dont need to wait till the next codex to fix glaring balance issues. (and lets face it, which is better... a vendetta as flier, or a landraider?)