Sunday, July 15, 2012

Necrons: Monolithic Conversions! Stalker and Monolith

Old School here taking a break from painting Necrons to actually build some Necrons. I got my hands on a ton of Necron vehicles this week, including a Monolith and a new Triarch Stalker. I already had an older conversion I made for the stalker, but after seeing CVinton's stalker update, I decided I wanted to spruce up my old one with the new legs ... but then I was left with that shrimpy little chassis that the stalker comes with. I also was working on the monolith at the time, which can be a really boring build if you let it. I decided to take the opportunity to spruce things up! Let's take a look:

Alright, so the monolith is something I never built before and it was a little ridiculous in terms of fitting everything together, so there were some gaps to fill by the time the basic form took shape. Not a problem, but once the basics were together, I just couldn't bear the boring look of it. I started planning out how I wanted it to look. I have added a few things as you can see. I replaced the big gem flux arc with a rider of sorts, I added plenty of scarabs, sand and a few little nuances like the plastic rods from the immortal kit in the front.

In other places, I left the green plastic rods, so I can paint them in the blues that my armies energy weapon stuff is painted in.

I hit other areas too, like in the big circle here in the back. I decided to add the orb from the barge kits instead of the little plastic green portal. This should look pretty cool once painted and is really just a small touch.

The scarabs are there just to break up the large flat areas once the painting begins.

These scarabs are there to just be that creepy, horrifying thing that swarms out of a glowing portal to unmake you at the molecular level. I used the GS scarabs because they are cheap, easy to cut in half and plentiful!

The rider/ flux arc controller is the small chassis from the stalker kit added to the mounting for the original flux arc crystal. Amazing how these things just seem to fit together. I wanted him to have the freedom to rotate, so he isn't glued in.

Within the ring is another barge orb, some sand and some scarabs. I left a lot of sand here as it seemed a natural place to get caught.

So far, so good. If there are any suggestions, please let me know.

Here is the rider; pretty stack standard at the moment.

I made a couple of small changes to make the rider more self contained and less like a tacked on addition. I used green stuff wires I made to connect to the smooth hoses in the under carriage. The ribbed tube at the end of the spine is made using the Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff Industries.

I like the tentacle maker because it makes little touches like this possible and incredibly easy!

Next up is the stalker. This isn't some shrimp like the new kit, but a full blown combination between my old one using the Ghost Ark chassis and the legs of the current model.

The original rib legs that I had just looked goofy to me after I saw these and CVinton had already combined the kits with great success.

That is it for now though, I am off to paint three A. Barges and build six Night/ Doom Scythes! Stay Frosty and let me know what you think of these conversions!


  1. Gorgeous conversions. I especially like the Monolith pilot-station.

  2. Very, very cool! Love the combination of kits, and all the little added extras. Definitely looking forward to seeing them painted up!

  3. Wow you really breathed some new life into that Monolith kit!

  4. The sand on the monolith is a really great idea... plus the scarabs... let alone the stalker commander! well done