Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Legendary Land Raider by CVinton, Chaplain Aerion Makes it Big!

Our very own CVinton and Team Snake Eyes Chaplain Aerion made the GW Web site today for the Salamander Land Raider conversion CVinton created a couple of years ago. The good Chaplain made a trade for it later and then laif this amazing paint job on it!

For more on how this Land Raider was sculpted, check out this video series CVinton wrote on it.
I remember sitting in CVinton's basement while he was sculpting this and I was very excited. Once I saw it at Adepticon with its new paint though, I was blown away! For more of Team Snake Eyes, check out their blog.

Here is a link to the GW article.

Thanks to all the readers and fellow bloggers out there. Projects like this may have never seen the light of day had it not been for the blogosphere!


  1. I'm pleased as punch that this amazing piece of Vinton's craftsmanship gets a spotlight. It's clearly well-deserved and I was honored to have the opportunity to paint it.

  2. heh. your link links back to the article with the link in.

    it's linking itself.

    in public.


    1. Yeah, I tagged it as part of the series. If you scroll down, you should end up in the series on sculpting.

  3. Man I love this conversion and sculpt...of course...it doesn't hurt that I love the Salamanders either...

  4. Meh...jk that's really nice work!