Friday, July 27, 2012

CVinton's Kill Point Challenge: Death Marks

After a long week at work I rocked out these Death Marks.  I'm not sure what it says about my week that on my first day off I wanted to paint the dishonorable murderous Columbian death squad of Death Marks...but...I liked the idea.  

I wanted them to fit the theme but stand out.  I kept the fluf story of when the Overlord verbally bitch slapped his cyrptek for using the Death Marks to kill the imperial guard's commander.  I wanted them to be dark and creepy...which is hard to do and them have them be pink.

I used reaper master series blackened steel to do the metal, keeping with the dark creepy look.  I put the pink on the face because I knew a lot of it would be covered by the glow and then just a small stripe on the shoulder to bring them into the look of the main army.

Aside from the glow effect its hardly at three colors but I'm really happy with how it came out.  Enjoy the rest of the pics, Thanks for looking, and be sure to email us your weekly kill point to keep the challenge alive!


  1. Awesome. Very creepy. The lighting effects really give them that eerie feel.

  2. Nice! I dig the darker metal, and the OSL effect turned out great - fantastic work!

  3. Hmm.. I like the base color, and knowing that you are an amazing painter makes me want to like them.. but I think the glow effect looks like you turned it up to 11.. when it wanted to be at 2.. Still, nice work.. but I think a bit of subtlety might have done them better..

    1. You are spot on. Very good observation. When I started out I really wanted the subtle eerie glow and when the airbrush came out it went to 11. It came out well enough and I am very happy with the general idea but as someone that can be my own worst critic, I agree that the glow effect is brighter than I wanted.

  4. Good stuff, CV! I'm lucky if I can finish a KP a month.

  5. Seriously they are in your list for fluff reasons...seriously...

  6. Yeah bro chris is the fluff master i hear deathmarks suck........

  7. I only play Matt Ward codexes for the fluff. He's so good at it!