Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A "Heavy" Week for the Painting Challenge!

Old School here with another weekly update from our Painting Challenge Contributors! This week is all about Heavy Weapons and the Guard! Let's take a look!
Above is the latest and greatest from Lead Legion. These Guard are looking great and it looks like LL might have picked up some fancy camera equipment! Here is what he had to say:

In between re-painting the armour and re-touching my existing Guard figures, I've managed to paint a Cadian Command Squad from scratch. In most games, I'll be swapping out the Heavy Bolter for a pair of flamers and the captain for CSM Slade, my counts-as-Straken. Nork will be making an appearance in the Command Squad as well. I know this makes the Company Command Squad a points sink, but I'm sick of having assault troops roll up my infantry squad by squad by the mid-point of the game. Hopefully, having Nork, Straken and the boys around will give an assaulter something to think about.

Next up is Mordian7th with his Guard Heavy Weapons Teams! Corpse God Be Damned, I love Yellow Paint!Here is what Mordian7th had to say:

Last week was pretty busy so I didn't get much painted, but I had a fairly open Saturday and finished up a pair of heavy weapon teams for my guard army. Three units for the Mordian 7th done in a month? Madness!
They're designed such that one trio will be used in the 1st Platoon, while the other trio will act as a heavy weapon team. Of course, that means I do have another 24 guardsmen to paint to actually have the 1st platoon to put them in!

Due to some unexpected expenses that reared their ugly heads, all the World Eaters I've been working on have had to go on the auction block. No fear though, as there are still plenty of models and projects and armies to work on yet in the Closet of Doom! Expect to see more guard and the beginnings of a new Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator force over the next few weeks!
Check out the World Eaters Auctions here - Get them while they are still available!

Well that is it for this week's contributors. I know the authors have all been busy, but Wolfson is back in the lab, looking to force out some Dark Eldar. CVinton will likely be flashing his fliers at us and I will be whipping some heavy support back and forth soon! I am hoping the authors who helped start the challenge back up get involved again, but hey, real life happens. Let us hear what you think of this week's entries.

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  1. Awesome work, Lead Legion! That command squad looks excellent!