Monday, June 4, 2012

CVinton's Week 5.2 KP. Double Douche Canoe!

I've been under house arrest so I'm cranking out the Necrons.  This week I'm doing a double submission of my two douche canoes.

I magnetized the lords to be either set in the barge or on their bases.  Its pretty easy to do, and because of the basing material I used, the lord became too tall on his base and would hit his head on that over head light thing...whatever that is.

For the Necrons I'm really running with the lighting.  The new airbrush is really awesome and making it even easier that before to do source lighting.

More use of the dry compounds here.  I used the pink drybrush on the pink, and the blue on the blue.  Temple blue base, blue dry brush and done.

Thanks for checking out the Necrons.  I'm almost done with my 1850 in what seems like a quick 5 weeks. Pacing yourself with painting is great for burn out prevention.  I'm not sick of seeing pink, like I would be with the base coats of any other army that I try to marathon out as fast as possible.  Keep the KP's coming everyone!


  1. How did you hear about the term "douche canoe"? I Have been saying this for some time now and didn't realize it got off the ground!

    1. I know the first time CVinton and I had heard it was from General Chaos, who I think heard it on a podcast or was a part of the podcast ... I don't know, but it is to the point that I really have to think about what the douche canoe is actually called and forget that it is a Catacomb Command Barge.

  2. Beautiful! You're cranking these out with Nrcron-like efficiency as well - I'm really digging it. Any chance you can give us a what's painted so far as an army shot? It's got to look great all together on the table. Keep up the great work!

  3. very cool as you factory crank these out at a impressive speed. I am looking forward to a army shot to see how it all looks together, looming forward, to shamble through the living. =)

  4. Gorgeous work. I love those canoes.