Saturday, June 2, 2012

CVinton's week 5 KP: Wraiths!

 CVinton bringing more necrons this week.  I picked up a couple boxes of wraiths and I'm pretty happy with the models.  Nice and easy to build with well planned model lines these guys were an easy KP for the painting challenge

Nothing special about the paint job.  Mostly done with the airbrush.  I picked up a new Badger Khorme and I'm pretty happy with it over the HPCS.  Nice detail with less clogging.

Thanks for following, keep sending us your submissions and keep up with the painting challenge and get your army painting the easy way; a nice slow steady pace!


  1. very, very nice. That pink is really working.

  2. The glowing lights are awesome they really come across nice. The poses and the bases also really shine. I like the metal tone. I think for a fast simple job like you said they came out great. Only the pink seems like it is missing something to really pop is my initial reaction. I feel like if you could make the pink shine even though its a simple paint job it would really come across as more than that.

    Good job as always though CVinton.

    1. Thanks!

      I'm with you on the potential of the paintjob to be more. When I first did it I used a red wash to help it pop more. Right now its too clean without a wash. A very light black or mud wash would seperate the different plates and really help bring out the detail of the model....but thats more work than I want to put into them. I have my wolves as my display army and they excel at that. The crons are just too over the top to not have an equally over the top paint job and when it comes to silly, I'm not that willing to put more work into that.

      Plus, I need to save my desire to paint to that level of detail for my night lords....

  3. In any case, they do look nice, man. I just put some yellow down on some warriors and it is going to be hilarious!