Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old School here with pics from the 40k team tournament! There were some awesome teams. I hope I got at least the coolest ones in there. In any case, there is drinking to do, so I will keep the banter to a minimum.

These orks went green and decided to carry their wagon to battle.

These are more examples of why orks are the best.

Grey Knights on parade ...

Hot Wheelz!

This is the sexy Land Raider CVinton made a year ago and now it has been reborn with some serious paintwork from the good Chaplain A for Team Snake Eyes.

Seriously, the light work and the scales and everything came out so well.

I am sure that CVinton is super proud that this great tank found such a loving home.

Super Evil Storm raven!

These Storm Raven hulls here are the Rhino and Razorbacks for their Admech themed army.

I always wondered how big the dreamforge titans were!

Those are a lot of bugs!

Nice Wraiths!

... and I will close with this amazing army. Our team didn't do so well, but the Team Deathstar guys went out knowing there would be no REAL hope except a good time. In that case, missions accomplished. Well I am off to get some more drink on, enjoy the pics!

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