Saturday, March 31, 2012

CVinton Swears Loyalty to the Omnissiah with Flesh, Blood and Ink!


Whenever spring comes around my wife and I typically get some pretty bad spring fever.  This year...that was manifested in tattoos.  When I presented the idea to the wife and was approved after that committee review I knew what I had to do.  

After four hours of the most intense suffering, John (the guy at Splash of Color in East Lansing) had created a pretty bad-ass piece of body art.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and can't wait for it to stop burning so I can once again put my arm down at my side. :)

After I got it I started to wonder if anyone else has any gamer related tattoos?  If you do, post up a link or tell us about it and I'll add your pic to this post.  This post is dedicated to the most loyal and dedicated gamers out there!


  1. I have to wonder @ the location....why not the back?

  2. Also, I take it this was taken in the mirror? Image seems to be reversed.

  3. No offense to anyone that has one but I'm not a fan of back tattoos on dudes. Unless its something big or your MC logo tattooed on your back I don't really like it. But to each his own when it comes to tattoos, I respect that you got it where you like it, but I just didn't prefer it there.

    Secondly, yes it was taken in a mirror and this was taken a day after I got it, thus the angry look.

    I'm kind of sad that no one else out there had any 40k tattoos to share. I know one guy locally has one and inkzoo has one, but no links to make a mini gallery out of.

  4. i find a lot of tattoo in google

  5. Man Chris. You sure did pick a painful spot to get yours. I have one on my arm (not 40k related) and the inner 1/4 of my arm hurt like hell the whold time. I can only imagine getting in on the rib cage.

  6. A friend of mine has a teddy bear a modeltrain and a gibbson e guittar tatooed on his back symbolizing his parents and his hobbies ...