Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Space Wolves 13th Company Contemptor Dreadnought by CVinton

Finished up the Contemptor.  Its a fun model to paint and I'm sure I'll still mess around with it adding some finishing touches, but for now, its done.

 I wanted a dynamic pose, something with more action than just pointing.  Also he needed to be 13th company.  I'm sad that in game he's just going to drop down in a pod, melta something and then get facesmashed, but hey, he'll look cool while doing it.

For his chest, the eagle and seals were pretty easy to remove.  I used just an exacto blade to do it; no fancy tools required.  After that I used a terminator shield generator for the center and then the wolves from the FW space wolves rhino face place kit.

I was really happy with how the powders turned out around the feet, the multimelta and on the back power plant.  I'm still not happy with my chipping, I really need to figure out how to do the chipped weather look.  No matter how many time I view the painting corps one, I just don't get it.  One day.

For the burnt metal look I used vallejo's metallic base with enchanted blue and scab red.  The base lets you mix the glittery metalic into any color you have.  I picked it up on adepticon last year and rarely use it, but it works well for things like this.  It looks a lot more 'white tinted' than it actually comes out. When I put them on, the paint dish looked baby blue and pink, but after it dries it turns out darker.

I originally wanted five dead marines on here (A whole combat squad) but I just couldn't get it to work without looking crowded.  Three is enough.  They're preheresy thousand sons to fit the 13th company theme.  On the next one, I might have him holding a guy in one hand again and the guys ripped off powerfist in the other.  The contemptor is so human-like in shape that I imagine he could just pick people up and tear their arms and legs off, like wings off a fly.  Plus, if robots ever attacked, its seriously a huge fear of my own.  I would never want to be picked up by a robot, have it rip off one or both of my arms, cast me aside to die and move on.

The guy on the ground is getting stood on and executed through the belly of his buddy in the fist. I need to figure out how to make it look more like he's being shot, with action.  Haven't quite got it, but it'll come to me.

The icon is pretty easy to free hand surprisingly.  I'm glad for that, because I've done whole armies where I had to free hand the shoulder and two things happen, one I want to jam my paintbrush in my ear and two, they start looking really crappy.

The torso guy is the victim of the multi-melta, blown out of his boots...or the best that you could do for with a space marine.

I hollowed out the chest part and stuffed a corpse chest in there for an extra bit of realism. I then GS'd some guts and covered it in the blood/Stillwater mix I used for all the infantry bases.   I like how it turned out.  I wanted to do some imperial tattoos on the flesh but that was a tiny detail I didn't feel like getting involved in.  Maybe in the future.

And finally the guy on the bottom getting his face blown off.  It would look better with some action, that's my number one priority with the model.

Over all I had a good time painting it.  The dread has some pretty big open areas for free hand or bits if you wanted to get detailed, or if you just wanted to show off some color blending ability it would be great for that as well.  I have his drop pod partially done, so one I get that finished I'll be sure to put it up there.


  1. I hate space marines, but that is damn sexy. I like the Thousand sons being crushed underfoot. Very well done sir

  2. Amazing work... especially the guts...

  3. Absolutely brilliant work - the whole model has a great sense of action, I love the mini-vignette you've done. Bravo!

  4. I love Deadnoughts (and other models with large bases) which are individualized at such a scale. Great work on both the Contemptor and the base. Although I mourn the loss of those Thousand Sons as I'm a heretic myself, I must confess that this is one cool model!

    I added you to my blog list by the way. :)

  5. I'm not usually a fan of this type of dreadnaught but this looks great!

  6. It really looks great, man. Easily one of the best on the web. I may have to make some TSons just to take him down out of spite!

  7. How did you achieve the shiny effect on the guts? It looks disturbingly realistic.

  8. Vallejo still water. Then FW inks, black/red/sepia 3:20:5 I think, but I'm not sure on that recipe. then add that do the still water to get how think/thin you want the blood.

  9. Combined with seeing a lot of blood/wounds/burns/necrosis in real life helps, or on the internet.

  10. Super super awesome. I linked it on our blog in my contemptor post.