Monday, November 7, 2011

End of Days 2011: Our Batrep and The Results!

Old School here with a little write up for our End of Days Tournament that was held at Evolution Games this last weekend. If you are unfamiliar with End of Days, it is a doubles tournament where each team mate must be from a seperate codex from his partner and each of them may also bring a unit from another codex that is not from either of their codices. The players had a unified FOC with an extra slot in in FOC slot. Needless to say, this tourney is for fun and can get a little ridiculous with the possible combinations, so here is the FAQ in case you wanted to read it before moving on ...

Since this is my last End of Days (at least in Michigan), Farseer Re-Rolls and Lord Solar Steve were super-kind enough to let CVinton and I enter as a team while he ran the touranment and the judging, freeing us up from our responsibilities.

We ran a force that I characterize as the Imperium's last hope in the face of a galaxy gone mad! I brought Belial, Vulkan He'Stan and four squads of Hammernators with a Cyclone Missile Launcher in each squad.

Chris brought 4 Manticores, 2 vet squads in Chimera, 1 Command Squad in Chimera and a vindicare assassin.

Our idea was to cap the probable IC-type "extra units" out there since they would be valuable as objective holders and kill points throughout the day ... I just don't think the Vindicare actually did any of that, but the rest of us were just supposed to be dead hard and killy, which we were!

I was a little hung over during the first mission and wasn't really taking a ton of photos, so unfortunately, there are no photos of the fight went. but we did score a 32 of a possible 33 against a Codex Marine and Space Wolf Combo army with Vulcan Slaughtering Pedro as Belial and his boys wiped out a scoring squad of Sentinels ... and Cvinton took apart the rest of their army with his manticore. They had a really diverse army with lots of Thunderfire Cannon fire and Landspeeder Shenanigans. The combination of Wolf Priests and Thunderfire Cannons pretty much kept my Terminators in slow motion for the entire game. I think the slo-mo got into our heads because we made such a tragic decision the next game ....

In Round 2, CVinton and I came up against our Bitter (lol) rivals, the dreaded MI40k team of R3con and GT! They brought the Dark Eldar to war along side the traitorous Space Wolves, accompanied by a Blood Angels Storm Raven and a Grey Knight Grand Master! The depths of their corruption knew no bounds. Between this and mobility issues we had game one, we thought the greatest idea in the world would be to mount up in the Chimeras (We can do that!) and just go nuts!

So Vulkan and his friends hopped in a Chimera!

Then Belial and his partners did too! Then we drove three Chimeras across the table ... and we ...

... got eaten by a bunch of thunderwolves. We totally got too excited about being able to drive around in Chimeras and split our forces. Our Master of the Fleet kept them off the table for a while, but when they came through, they came through in a big way! I was tabled by the time it was over and Cvinton was hanging on with a vet squad hidden in a building. We scored 13.5 points, though sadly, MI40k won the battle!

CVinton and I felt pretty bad about the last game and came together with a renewed focus. We came to Mission three to fight the Orks and the Space Wolves, along with a traitor Grey Knight Librarian and a ruinous Minisortum Priest. They took first turn and deployed in a refused flank, so we did the same, forcing their army to have to come at us through a rough board of terrain.

I took a photo of this just because it was funny. The death Wing is surrounding a WWII era tank with a Dark Angels logo on it! Now that's Pre-pre-pre Heresy!

Ok, so here is the table as it stood at the end of turn one during the 3rd mission. Baically, the Battle Wagons moved forward as far as they could, The Longfangs killed the vindicare assassin and then the wagons were either wrecked, immobilzed or exploded where they stood due to Manticore fire. Many of the escaping orks would also die from Clclone Missile fire or from further Manticore shots. The Big Mech died this turn as well and with him, any chance of the enemy making it across the table.

Nothing really changed for our opponent except the number of models killed over the next few turns and by the time the mission ended, we had destroyed much of their army, held more terrain and had our End of Days unit within 3" of the center objective. This secured all three mission objectives and two of the bonus points for a total of 32 points.

We weren't sure how we had done at this point and we figured we were somewhere near the top, but two undefeated teams were still facing off in the other room and we were sure one of them would win the whole thing.

Our first Award went to the player who took and held the most objectives throughout the day by himself ...

... and that was TBurger, who held 18 objectives (terrain counted as objectives int the last mission), and along with his partner, their team took second overall in the tournament with a total of 76 battle points. They defeated the team who took third overall in the last round and were also the Champions at last year's End of Days.

The Cut Throat Award went to the player who took the most kill points through out the entire day ...

... and the award went to R3con from MI40k, who killed 32 kill points over three games ... now their Team name may have been "Free From the Wives" but that certainly wasn't the case when the award came around, so I accepted the award on their behalf and will deliver it to them soon.

This was the Spirit Award, which we later named The Last Guy Standing. Think of it more like Last Kid Picked and you get the idea. This went to the single person who scored the least all day out of all the team mates. This player would also get the opportunity to bring the trophy with him next year and get a special handicap of 5 battle points to start off ...

... and this special little guy is our own "The Judge" who is already complaining that he won't be able to defend his title with 5 points being "forced on him". 

Last but certainly not least is the Grand Championship, which went to the first place team, who scored 77.5 battle points ... and that team was ...

... Old School Terminator (myself) on the left on CVinton on the right. We joked about it, but never thought we would stand a chance, especially after the beating we took in round two, but here we are Grand Chapions at our own tournament. Oh, well, it was fun and it was a great way to end my last End of Days with the great group of players we have here ... and now CVinton and I have our BFF necklace. I still think we should put them on chains and wear them to Adepticon, but he doesn't seem to be down with it!

All in all, End of Days was fun as hell! The top three were within points of each other 77.5, 76 and 73.5, I think. I hope the event continues to gather success as it progresses in Michigan and hopefully I can bring it to North Carolina in 2012 successfully. We went from 9 teams last year to 17 teams this year and that has everything to do with the local community we have here and with the blogging community DFG has built over the last 3 years. 

I want to thank everyone who showed up and would also like to ask folks to send us pics of their End of Days games so we can use them in an upcoming post. Just send them to


  1. Great tournament guys. R3CON and I had a blast. Especially game two against the husband and wife team of OST and CVinton. Looking forward to next years.

  2. Great write-up. More pics next time, hangovers permitting.

  3. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make this event. It looked fun and looked like that was how it ended as well.