Monday, October 3, 2011

CVinton's Space Wolves

I've been away for a while, but here's a quick peek at what I've been doing...despite not being on the blog much.

Like all cool kids I started a space wolf army.  I've been looking for a hobby army and I got pretty bored with painting lightning on everything so the night lords have been shelved for wolves.

(That's my real life space hound-wolf in the background; she used to be a person until the canis helix took her over.  Now shes a ferocious beast.)

So, this is my work so far.  (Pic heavy)
Land Raider.  Magnetized for redeemer or crusader.

I picked up the space wolves icon set from forge world and along with bits in the grey hunter box made it all space wolf'd out.  

The Land Raider. had originally been planned as the night lords land raider.  But, I changed my mind, filled in some holes and converted it into space wolves.  Its kind of funny because I'm going for a subtle 13th company here and I literally took a chaos land raider to make it space wolves.

Around it are the 15 blood claws.  A saga of the hunter wolf priest makes them pretty awesome.  preferred enemy...fearless...3+ cover save....yes please.

The reason I switched over the wolves was that I realized I didn't have the depth of a bits box to make the night lords really work the way I wanted them too.  I wanted individual styled guys and berzerker boxes just weren't working.  The Space Wolves box comes with so many bits its crazy.  After putting together like 80 grey hunters/blood claws I started to see duplicates but it takes that many before you realize "Hey, I think I have a guy with this configuration already."

So, as an effort to make them individual I'd doing tribal marking.  All of the helmetless painted guys have some sort of facial tattoo.  Its done with a dilluted shadow grey mixed with black to make a color I've named "stormy black" because..well, thats what it looks like.  After that mix a light flesh tone, like elf flesh, with glaze medium and go over your tattoo to give it a under-the-skin look.

To the grey hunters.  On the hobby side I wanted individual models, but in game terms, the meta just loves melta, so there are a lot of copy-paste units.  And of course since I was approved by the MRS, I got forge world doors.  Its my first time having FW door'd rhinos.  It makes me feel like a cool kid.  They even have the weird imperial eagle back door.  I know, dumb, right?  But these guys are filling the hole that I created when I sold my bike army.  It was a beautiful army and 2 years later I still regret it.

Here's another idea of a 90% finished model.  I like having different styles of fur so I'll bounce between brown and grey furs on my guys, even mixing the tails, cloaks, loin clothes and shoulders on the same model. Also, the rune glow effect I plan on putting on the vehicles is shown on this guy.  Somewhere in SW history..I think the 3rd ed codex is the runic alphabet (like the tau codex) so I'll be digging my old 3rd ed codex up to get those and write funny stuff on vehicles.

My green stuff work is pretty bad, but for a minute i thought I was awesome enough to sculpt arms for my wolfen guys.  I'll just stick to fur and find some kind of arm and make it work.  They're built out of chaos possessed marines legs and torso.  13th company, blah blah blah.

I also like this picture because I really like how this guys hair came out.  its the Vegeta hair, I'm a fan.  I also like the Hiehachi hair guy too.

Another 90% finished guy.

I made the wolf banners out of melted plasticard.  basically I cut out 6 of the same shapes (OST said I should have cut out different shapes to make the banners more individual, I agree, but what's done is done) wrapped them around a nail and melted them with a lighter.  I've already gotten a ton of comments about them locally and I'm really excited to start planning the different banners.

Here's another wolfen.  I saw maxmini's feral heads and i just don't like them.  I'm ok with where I'm going here.  I'll buy some ghoul arms or something similar and add hair, throw a shoulder pad over it and call it a day.  Its a good combination of the warp and canis helix getting together to make weird wolfen.  It's cheaper than buying the old metal 13th company wolfen for like 90-150$ per would be boss if I had some..

Another banner.  I like how this one turned out for the wind action is has.  Not only is the banner blowing but his hair style suggests the wind blowing in that direction too.

Power fist/combi melta wolfguard with nijal.  Despite what the internet says about how much they hate fine cast and everyone wants to throw their fucking tinker toys about them, they're damn good models.  I picked up Nijal and Logan and they're wonderful.  I can't wait to put the brush to them when I get a stretch of time.  Maybe that'll be my post semester reward.

Logan with his terminator buddies.  They're magnetized to have anything from pw/bolter with laucher to pf/combi melta.  I really like the guy in the front, with the wolf claws.  He has a ton of action in that pose.  I like putting him in a drop pod or land raider with blood claws because I picture him just running out, pushing the doors open because they're not opening fast enough, just as blood thristy-if not more-than his blood claws.

Of course thunder wolves.  If you haven't played with them, they're terrorists.  kit them out with a lord and they're super expensive but they get the job done.  I've never really had them fail at anything I've asked them to do..though I haven't asked them to kill a squad of paladins yet.  Any how, I got the set from mythicast.  They're alright.  OST asked me to do a review of them so heres a mini review..of minis:

Quality-7/10  teeth detail is lost, tails look a little weird, the riding legs are kind of jenkie in places.  Also, the resin is like glass and really brittle.  Don't get disgruntled by this though, the wolves themselves, outstide of the teeth loosing detail, are awesome.  The different posses are totally awesome, one of the wolves has some vertebral column showing though, one has a bionic eye, one has a bionic leg.  The company even pisses on copy right and has little space wolf icons on the armor plates.    The only thing that really tanks this score is the legs.  They're pretty shitty.

Price- 10/10  for 5, shipped, not a bad price compared to a lot of the other twolves.

Assembly-  9/10  only required some major reconstruction in small places.  Some feet didn't fit together perfectly, but that's fine. My only real gripe is that you have to get creative to get all four feet flat on the base.  If you just put the legs on the wolf body it rocks like an uneven table.

Shipping- The site said 4-6 weeks and I got mine in 3.  I also jacked up my shippin address, send them an email, and they fixed it.  Beyond that it came with the local Philippians newpaper for packaging.

Converted frost ax for the wolf lord.  Its the wolf heads from the thunder hammer with two frost axes put back to back.

 And finally, long fangs.  I have 2 full squads so far, and just have to get some bodies for the third.  Behind them are my wolf scouts with another wolf/rune priest.

 So, yeah, I rolled out the typical space wolf cheese for the army, but what can I say.  The future holds maybe some swift claw bikes just to throw back to my old bike army and maybe some speeders because they really work well in a wolf army for quick support.   Most likely a Contemptor or two, after they start releasing more weapons for them.

Not pictured are my 8 drop pods.  I like have flexibility in my armies, and I really have that here; enough troops to go foot, rhinos that can be razor backs, drop pods, thunder wolves, missile spam, Logan wing, MSU.  I like space wolves because the core of the army is made up of grey hunters and, unlike codex marines taking tac squads it doesn't hurt my soul to buy a squad of grey hunters.

I'll try to periodically post  my progress, but school has me pretty wrapped up for the final semester before graduation.  OST is going to be the captain of this ship (not that he ever wasn't) for a while.  Keep checking back!

And as always, questions and comments are welcome!


  1. They are looking good man. I have to say they are way less scary than your Imp guard.

  2. these look great. I'm usually not a fan of really blue space wolves but these look nice, I think it's the awesome highlights.

    the banners are amazing and I am so going to have to try that out!
    I have the maxmini and the bitspudlo storm wolf minis. The maxmini ones are too small, the storm wolf sounds like it has the same issues at these with the type of resin, but all in all are cool models. I will definatley be getting these ones when I can!

  3. I have some paulson legs that I'm going to see if they fit. Thanks or the compliments. I also really like how the grey came out, the picture with the glowing runes is the most accurate to color.

    the paint is black primer with heavy shadow grey dry brush and light space wolves grey. I put up the airbrush for this army and hated every minute of drybrushing for the hours I did it when with the airbrush it would have been like 45 min of work. It was good to get back to my roots.

    Also, with the banners, sometimes they catch on fire so be careful. If it does dont worry, you can just cut and scrap the burned off; its not noticeable.

  4. Looks great! The banners are cool.

    Boo @ Space Wolves though :P

  5. Welcome back to hand brush-work! I have been doing almost everything by hand since I got to VA and it has stepped my game up a little I believe as it has tightened down the basics for me again.
    The wolves look good. I think Bloodletter arms work well (especially the hands on the power armour arms. Just something to think about as ghouls are a little tiny compared to Marines (I have handled them before. Maybe even genestealer claws .... hmmm.

  6. Oh and +1 for having a sleepy old hound dog in the photo!